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Improvements in range finder and scope turret technology have led to a growing demand for hunting rifles designed for long range hunting applications. A key ingredient necessary for long range hunting is a stock built for prone position shooting. Thus, most long range hunting rifles have borrowed heavily from military tactical stock design because that is what most prone position stocks were made for. This is the first hunting stock that has really looked at the keys to long range accuracy in terms of comb height, grip angle, forearm shape, and stock weight from a hunter’s perspective. This is a hunting stock at heart, with all the design features you need to support long range shots in the field.

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Most long range hunting scopes have a 50mm objective and mount using a high scope ring. We have designed this stock to give you a good cheek weld using these scopes without the need for a strap on or adjustable cheek piece.


Because we have a dedicated right hand design, our grip shape is superior to ambidextrous stock designs. The grip has a palm swell on the right only instead of on both sides. This makes the grip less bulky. The grip has a relief for the fat part of you palm below your thumb and the nose of the comb does not dig into the backside of your thumb. This all combines to give the Rifleman the most comfortable grip in its class. The more comfortable your grip, the better you will shoot.


The forearm on most tactical stocks is large and blocky with no consideration for off-hand shooting or shooting off sticks. Our stock’s forearm is heavy enough to support use with a bipod but slim enough to work well off sticks or off-hand.

Letter from Customer
Letter from Customer
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